About me

My name is Natalia Díaz- Pacheco Ballesteros (artistic name: NataDPB)

Since I was a little girl I felt a vocation for art, I loved drawing with colored pencils and started giving private painting lessons with local painters to learn more techniques. Eventually I entered the Campo de Criptana Municipal School of Drawing and Painting, where I won several awards.

That's when I knew I wanted to study and dedicate myself to something related to the world of art and that's how it was, I studied high school Artistic at the "Antonio López" school of art in Tomelloso and in 2015 I started to exhibit my work.

Later I did a Higher Degree in Illustration at the School of Arts and Crafts of Toledo and continued to expand my knowledge with Graphic Design and Advertising Production and a Master's Degree in Digital Marketing at ESIC Business & Marketing School.

As for my works, they are very varied and different from each other, either because of their subject matter or the techniques used, so I usually work in series. Despite the variety that abounds in my works, hyperrealism stands out. I have always had problems expressing myself through words, but when I discovered drawing I found a way to communicate my emotions and thoughts, what I am, to the rest of the world. This is why hyperrealism is the artistic trend I feel most comfortable with, as the work can speak for itself and does not need a description.

My logo

What does the agaporni skull represent?

This skull refers to the legend of the agapornis, known as "love birds."

The legend tells of animals that coexist in couple a lifetime, they are monogamous and when one of them dies, the one survives, tends to feel languishing to the point of ignoring his needs vital to finally surrendering to death.

For this love story comes their nickname of "inseparable", a union so strong it lasts a lifetime, giving full meaning to "till death do you part."

I use your existence and your love to represent my relationship with art, I couldn't imagine without it. A union so inseparable, like two agapornis.